Monday June 5

09:00-15:00 Startup Exhibition, Nofim hall

Isreael is showcasing the best of EdTech innovation. Over 40 startups and companies exhibit, in one place, ready for international partners and growth opportunities.

Presenting Companies

יום שני 5 ביוני

09:00-15:00 תערוכת סטארטאפים באולם ״נופים״

בואו לפגוש את הסטארטאפים והחברות המובילות בטכנולוגיות בחינוך. למעלה מ-40 פתרונות מובילים וחדשניים במקום אחד – רק בכנס האדטק 2017

לרשימת החברות


Day 1 – June 4th

09:00-10:00 Registration & Networking

Opening Session

IES Organizers
Dr. Yaki Dayan, CEO, EdTech Israel
Joshua Schwartz, Managing Partner, East Wind Advisors
Yuval Shraibman Shraibman, CEO, Tel Aviv University Online
Asaf Zamir, Deputy Mayor, Tel Aviv Municipality
Prof. Yaron Oz, Rector, Tel Aviv University

The Prism of Online Learning:
Higher Education Ecosystem from Different Angles and Geographies

Moderator:  Yuval Shriabman – CEO, TAU Online

  • Mark Lester – Director of Partnerships Development, Future Learn
  • Carl Dawson – Executive Chairman, Proversity
  • Eran Raviv – Director, Campus – Israel’s National Digital Learning Initiative
  • Dr. Akiba Covitz – Head of Business Development, Minerva

From Sponge Bob to Quadratic Equations:
What Can Hollywood Teach the Education Industry

Fireside chat:
Prof. Yaron Oz – Rector, Tel Aviv University
Udi Miron – President, Ananey Communications

Genius Bar – From AdTech to EdTech

Seth Haberman
President, Sense Education, formerly, Founder and CEO, Visible World (sold to Comcast)

If You Build It Will They Come?:
Building Effective Products for the Education
Industry’s Needs

Moderator: Lewis Bernstein – Founder, Lewis J. Bernstein & Associates; Formerly, EVP of Education, Research and Outreach Division of Sesame Workshop

  • Din Heiman – COO and General Manager, BrainPOP
  • Jack Chorowsky – President, KIPP Foundation
  • Prof. Shimon Schocken – IDC Herzliya and Co-Founder, Matific
  • Dan Shimoff – VP R&D, General Manager, McGraw Hill Education

Genius Bar – Israel’s Human Capital

Yossi Vardi – Co-Chairman of the DLD

13:00-13:30 Lunch Break & Networking

Genius Bar – Changing Behavior with the Press of a Button

Dr. Tom Schonberg – Department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences & Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

Brain Power: The Right Side, The Left Side and The Science of Learning

Dr. Liad Mudrik – School of Psychological Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

  • Prof. Lilach Shalev Mevorach – Constantiner School of Education & Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University
  • Prof. Miriam Reiner – Head of the Virtual Reality and Neurocognition
    lab at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
  • Ohad Lavi – CEO, Neurotech Solutions
  • Dr. Tom Schonberg – Department of Neurobiology, Faculty of Life Sciences & Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

Company Spotlight – eTeacher Group

Yariv Bin Nun – Founder and Co-CEO, eTeacher Group

Big Data, AI, Adaptive Learning and Personalization:
The Promise or Pretense of Advanced Technology in the Learning Process

Moderator – Dr. Liad Mudrik – School of Psychological Sciences and Sagol School of Neuroscience, Tel Aviv University

  • Dr. Ronen Tal-Botzer – CEO, Sense Education
  • Yehoyada Mandeel – CEO, Time2Know Israel
  • Dr. David Konopnicki – Manager, Information Retrieval Group, IBM
    Research (Israel)
  • Michal Avny – Co-Founder & CEO, Symbolab

15:00-15:30 Coffee & Networking

Genius Bar – Beyond Knowledge: Towards a New Education Paradigm

Saul Singer – Co-Author, Start-Up Nation

Doing Good While Doing Well:
The Case for ROI Investors

Moderator: Jonathan Medved – Founder & CEO, OurCrowd

  • Izhar Shay – Managing General Partner, Canaan Partners
  • Yonatan Machado, Partner, JVP Labs
  • Julian Kannigan – Investment Principal, A1 Capital (Africa)
  • Gao Fei – Investment VP, ATA (China)
  • Joshua Schwartz – Managing Partner, East Wind Advisors (USA)

Genius Bar – Innovation: Can EdTech Replicate the HiTech Success?

Dadi Perlmutter – GP, Eucalyptus Growth Capital, Chairman of The Israel Innovation Institute

Jump-Starting the Engine:
Accelerator Models to Fuel EdTech Growth

Moderator: Joshua Schwartz, Managing Partner, East Wind Advisors

  • Amir Pinchas – Head of Operations and Portfolio, Microsoft
  • Tom Bar Av – Director of Marketing & Ecosystem, MassChallenge
  • Hakan Satiroglu – Co-Founder and Partner, LearnLaunch
  • Gil May – Tal – Manager, IBM Alpha Zone

Genius Bar – Keynote from EdTech Visionary

John Katzman – Founder & CEO, Noodle Education;
formerly Founder & CEO, 2U and Princeton Review

17:30 End of Day 1

Happy Hour and Networking!

Day 2 – June 5th

09:00-09:30 Registration & Networking

Opening Session

Dr. Yaki Dayan, CEO, EdTech Israel

Gila Gamliel
Knesset Member & Minister of Social Equality

Genius Bar – The EdTech Gold Rush

Joshua Schwartz, Managing Partner, East Wind

Company Spotlight – Magic Leap

Tamir Berliner – General Manager, Magic Leap Israel

Genius Bar – CyberEDU:  Facing the New Era

Roni Zehavi, CEO CyberSpark, Co-Founder ToBe Education

Minding the (Skills) Gap:
Solving Human Capital Challenges; Educating for Success

Moderator: Rory Jones – Reporter, Wall Street Journal

  • Rami Shaked – LTC (res), former Head of IDF’s IT & Cyber Defense
    Academy (“BASMACH/MAMRAM”)
  • Vince Chan – UnLearn Innovator (Hong Kong)
  • Guy Halfteck – CEO, Knack (USA)
  • Roni Zahavi – CEO, CyberSpark
  • Yair Brosh – CEO, Time2Know

11:00-11:30 Coffee Break & Networking

Company Spotlight – CodeMonkey

Yishai Pinchover, Co-Founder and COO, CodeMonkey

Education Nation:
Who is Setting the Transformation Agenda?

Moderator: Yuval Shriabman – CEO, Tel Aviv University Online

  • Shai-lee Spigelman – CEO, Digital Israel Bureau
  • Shirley Rimon Bracha – Education Department Head, Tel Aviv
  • Raphael Attias – Chief Strategy and Innovation, ORT France
  • Prof. Yaffa Zilbershats – Chairman of the CHE (Vatat)
  • Yaacov Hect – Founder & CEO, Education Cities

Doing Well While Doing Good:
The Case for Impact Investors

Moderator: Dr. Yaki Dayan – CEO, EdTech Israel

  • Yoel Cheshin – Chairman, 2B Group
  • Janet Pahima – Partner, Herzog, Fox & Neeman
  • Cecile Blilious – Founder and Managing Partner at Impact First
  • Omri Boral – Co-founder, Tech For Good
  • Vanessa Bartram – Managing Partner, Zora

13:00-13:30 Lunch Break & Networking

Company Spotlight – Minerva

Akiba Covitz, Ph.D. – Head of Business Development, Minerva

Seeds to Trees:
The Case for Early Stage Investors

Moderator: Amir S. Iliescu – Partner, Shibolet Law

  • Norihisa Wada – Senior VP and CMO, Edulab (Japan)
  • Rajat Gupta – Senior Associate, Invictus Capital Partners (India)
  • Shahar Wilner – Founding Manager Partner, Edvantage (Israel)
  • Yoshi Okamoto – SHO-zemi Innovation Ventures (USA & Japan)

Company Spotlight – Achieve3000

Saki Dodelson – Founder, President & CEO (*)

EdTech’s Global Reach:
International Markets and the Role for Israel EdTech

Moderator: Dr. Yaki Dayan – CEO, EdTech Israel

  • Mike Michalec – Founder, EdTech Asia (Thailand, Vietnam)
  • Sophie Yifan Chen – Partner, JMDedu, (China)
  • Julian Kannigan – Investment Principal, A1 Capital (Africa)
  • Hakan Satiroglu – Co-Founder and Partner, LearnLaunch (US)
  • Itai Melchior – Head of Israel’s Trade & Economic Mission, South Africa

15:00-15:30 Coffee & Networking

Company Spotlight – LightSail Education

Gideon Stein – CEO, LightSail Education

Genius Bar – Rebooting High School with Neuroscience

Minducate – Tel Aviv University Research Center

Digital Natives: An Interactive Session with EdTech’s
Toughest Audience

Special program with

  • Tal Mosseri – Nickelodeon
  • CodeMonkey
  • Brixo Toys

The EdTech Startup Script Doctor Challenge

Host: Udi Miron, CEO, Ananey Communications

  • Three EdTech Startups pitch on stage
  • Feedback & Review by Panel of EdTech Investors
  • Announcement of the IES2017 winner

17:00 End of IES2017

Program is subject to change.