IES2016 offers the BEST in educational technology today. Innovative sessions and presentations will take place each day to address the topics that matter most to the education community and to facilitate deeper communication and dialogue among attendees.  All participants will have the opportunity to attend informative learning tracks specializing in the hottest EdTech topics today. 

Innovative topics for IES2016 include:

  • Adaptive Learning, Big Data, Personalization
  • Sources of Capital – Investments & funding in EdTech, Impact  & Social investments
  • MOOCs & Online, Accreditation
  • Vocational Training, Vocational Education
  • Robotics & Coding
  • Business Models, International Sales & Channels
  • Online Language Learning vs Global Challenges
  • STEM Education, AR / VR
  • Neuro-Education & Cognitive Education
  • Special Needs, Disabilities Targeted EdTech
  • The Schools of the Future: Models for Implementation